David J. Konzen
Keller Williams Signature Partners

Want a Guaranteed Offer on Your Home?

We don't always have the luxury of time on our side.  Sometimes life happens, and we need to sell...like yesterday.  I happen to specialize in just that sort of situation.  I've been an investor in Metro Atlanta for years.  In many cases, I'll be able to buy your house directly from you.

How Does It Work?

Suppose you've been told that you have a job transfer that is effective on Friday.  If you don't act fast, you could find yourself in a situation where you're making a rent payment and a mortgage payment at the same time.  Here is what you'd need to do:

    1. Call me or send me an e-mail
    2. I'll call you to discuss the situation and review a few preliminary facts about the home.  Unlike many of my competitors, I don't always care if your home is old or if it needs work.  I'm used to that.  Our phone call should last 10 to 15 minutes, tops.
    3. We'll set up an appointment for me to go out and see the house.
    4. I'll present your offer.
    5. We'll schedule a closing, and it oftentimes can occur in just a matter of days.
    6. DONE.  It was that easy.

Why Do People Do This?

  • Not everyone has a house that is in a condition good enough to hit the market and present to retail buyers.
  • Some people need to sell their houses very quickly.
  • Some people just want a fast way to liquidate their homes, such as in an inheritance or divorce.
  • Some people don't want to show their home to strangers.
  • Some people know that they need to make a bunch of repairs to list their homes, but they can't afford to do it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of properties do you buy?

A: I will buy all types of homes.  Any size.  Any condition.  Any situation.  You don't need to make any repairs.  You don't need to clean your home.  Don't worry if you're distressed.  We're confident we can find a solution that will work for both of us.

Q: If I'm behind on my mortgage payments, can you still buy my home?

A: Yes, we can buy your home regardless of the financial situation.  We can oftentimes work directly with your bank.  We're very familiar with the foreclosure process as well.  Buying homes that are behind on payments is no issue.

Q: If my home doesn't qualify for a guaranteed offer, are you still willing to list traditionally?

A: Absolutely!  I can even help you evaluate the pro's and con's of listing traditionally versus a quick sale.  In many cases, a traditional listing might make more sense, particularly in a hot sellers' market like this one.