David J. Konzen
Keller Williams Signature Partners

What's In Your Best Interest Is in My Best Interest

When you buy a home, the more you pay, the more the agent makes, even though overpaying is not in your best interest. When you sell your home, the faster you accept an offer, the faster the agent gets paid, even if they know it’s not the best offer you could get. You and your Realtor often have competing interests.

My interests will never compete with yours because what is in your best interest is in my best interest. I firmly believe treating others how I want to be treated is paramount to making more money on a particular sale. The happier you are with the service I provide, the more likely you are to recommend me to your friends and family.  You get the right home at the right price for you, and I get a happy client who refers me to others – it’s a win, win.


From Preconstruction Engineer to Licensed Realtor and Investor

Before I began my real estate career, I was a construction engineer.

My engineering background coupled with a decade of real estate experience makes me uniquely qualified to help you estimate any repairs that may be needed for the home of your dreams, identify major issues versus easy fixes, and be the liaison between you and the builder of a new construction home, ensuring you get the biggest bang for your buck.


A Background in Real Estate Negotiation

I am also a real estate investor, which means I know how to negotiate a strong deal for you - because I do it for myself. This experience helps me quickly structure an offer, lead the negotiation and identify potential pitfalls of the agreement that other agents miss. I will help you smoothly navigate getting the right deal for you when buying and selling your home.  


Heavily Connected and Socially Active

I try to keep and maintain quite the social network, which could only be beneficial when trying to sell a home.  Some of the clubs in which I participate include