“Exceptionally detail-oriented.”

David was unbelievable throughout our entire process! He is dedicated, extremely accessible, exceptionally detail-oriented, and does a great job balancing between being helpful without being overly pushy. He will work hard to achieve the best results for you and isn't afraid to play "bad cop" when  necessary. We would absolutely recommend working with David again.

— Natalie W., Lake Claire

“Never felt pressured or stressed.”

I loved working with David! He's so patient and I never felt pressured or stressed during our showings (unlike other agents who were really pushy). Whenever I had a question he was very responsive and informative. I definitely recommend David to my friends and family.

— Kimberly C., Marietta

When I bought my first home, my realtor lied to me every way she could. I didn't learn about her lies until after the sale closed. When it was time to sell my home, I was hesitant to even use a realtor. In fact, I first tried to sell my home myself, but it ended up being too much work. In the end, I turned to David after my daughter recommended him. It was the best decision I could have made. He treated me with such genuine kindness and respect. It was as if my home was his home. When it came time to negotiate offers, he made the process extremely seamless, and I got full asking price. When you need a realtor, don't hesitate to call David.

— Teresa D., Roswell


“More of a house enthusiast than salesman.”

David met me with a broad smile on his face - that's a great sign and a positive first impression. Sometimes agents are so focused on making the sale they forget that they may be welcoming the client to their new home. David was accommodating to my tight schedule,  knowledgeable about the area and the house, and never tried to push me into buying this house or any house. His whole demeanor was one of positivity and consideration. David pointed out a lot of the interesting features of the house that I would've missed, and was also very knowledgeable about what areas added value to the property and where I would need to renovate and how to go about it. Interestingly, his background in construction management and his past experience with contract construction (I like to know who's selling to me) was extremely useful and not something you usually see from a realtor. He spoke more as a house enthusiast than as a salesman. I decided against the property, but when I'm free to look again I will most certainly be calling David. He's the sort of person that could help me find my next home, not just sell me a new house.

— Cassie G., Sandy Springs

“He's truly working to get the best deal for me.”

I love working with David on my home search. He's not only knowledgeable about the area and the real estate process in general, but he's just a genuinely good guy. There are so many horror stories of people being used by their realtor. Many of my friends shared terrible stories of working with  other realtors, so I was nervous about even getting a realtor. Luckily, I never feel that way with David. I believe he's truly working to give me the best advice and the best deal for me not just the best deal for him. I highly recommend him.

 — John S., Candler Park